Sea trails on board the WIDER 150, project ‘Genesi’, which began in mid-November, have now been completed. Initial tests of the azimuthal pods focused on maneuverability, an important safety feature but also an advantage when considering entering small creeks and bays. Having driven the boat throughout her extensive sea trials, experienced captain Claudio Candelaresi described their performance as “spectacular”.

Tests also confirmed ‘Genesi’ comfortably attains her predicted maximum speed of 15 knots and fuel consumption levels are also in line with our pre-launch forecasts of at least 15% less than a similar vessel with traditional propulsion.

Further trials focused on the refinement of the power management system (see below for more details), the setting of the various modes for operations, as well as the lithium polymer battery banks that make up the heart of Genesi’s power system.  The 544Kwh of battery power is sufficient to supply the entire hotel system on board for up to 8 hours in total silence with no generators running. Alternatively, the WIDER 150 can run at 5kts for up to 6 hours in what we refer to as ZEM, short for Zero Emission Mode. 

“The battery tests were a great success,” said Tilli Antonelli, Founder and CEO of WIDER. “The yacht ran comfortably at 5kts in ZEM consuming no fuel whatsoever….but the most remarkable and memorable aspect was that she ran in total silence!” 

The key benefit of WIDER’s diesel-electric system is the low level of noise and vibration. These levels are no longer theoretical and, as with all aspects of the WIDER150, tests have confirmed readings to be in line with their pre-launch estimates.

In terms of noise levels, the noise and vibration specialists have confirmed that these are remarkably low readings, better than those achieved on larger yachts, and a clear endorsement of the WIDER philosophy of offering smart solutions to enhance the life of clients at sea.

Finally, the 90m2 Beach Club – a major feature on all of the WIDER superyacht range – has been completed and is now available to see in operation. This incredible space, which is larger than suites at many leading hotels, transforms at the push of a button from a tender bay, to house the WIDER 32, to an elegant beach club with a private 7m swimming pool and a vast deck area to unwind right at the water’s edge. 

Constructed entirely in aluminum, the elegant profile of the WIDER 150  – Project GENESI – was created by designer Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with WIDER Founder and CEO, Tilli Antonelli and the in-house WIDER design team. Conceived for someone who enjoys life on the water, is looking for the large outdoor spaces to do so, demands all of the indoor comforts they require from a home and an engineering package which allows them to  appreciate the entire yacht in the highest levels of comfort.

The WIDER 150 boasts more than 350m2 of external areas, offering numerous relaxation spaces in direct connection to the sea for the owner and guests to enjoy.  Most noteworthy of these, are:

The spectacular Beach Club: measuring 90m²

The WIDER 150’s beach club is larger than any other boat of comparable length. It provides a magnificent onboard oasis, easy access to the sea, and plenty room for sunbathing. The marine experience is further enhanced by a covered 7m seawater swimming pool. Thanks to its floating system, the stern of the WIDER 150 can be converted into a spacious garage ideal for carrying the WIDER 32. The beach club’s seawater pool opens up at the transom to allow the tender to be driven in. This system makes entry and exit maneuvers considerably easier for the crew. 

A large sun deck fitted with a full bar, barbecue and spa, makes the ideal spot to entertain guests or sunbathe while enjoying 360° views.

In front of the wheelhouse, is a concealed foredeck lounge, hidden beneath a watertight hatch on the coach roof;  the hatch raises to reveal a spacious entertaining area, complete with sofas and flat-screen TV – perfect as an additional and very private relaxation space for cocktails, movies oreven alfresco dining.

Inside, the WIDER 150 offers all of the comforts an owner demands at home while at sea.

The elegant, contemporary interior includes furniture and leather supplied by Poltrona Frau and fabrics by Gentili Mosconi Home with large floor to ceiling windows throughout the main and upper deck lounge areas permitting sunlight to flood in and provide panoramic views of the sea. The upper deck features a sky lounge and dining area with sliding doors to the outside that can be hidden from view allowing for an indoor/outdoor dining experience.  On the main deck, the spacious main saloon is divided into two large living spaces, one for relaxing the second a formal dining area. 

Forward of the saloon is the 75m² full-beam owner’s suite that can also be split into two distinct areas, separated by sliding doors, an office / study and sleeping quarters including walk-in wardrobe, a sizeable 5.6m² sea terrace,  as well as bathroom with 3m shower and custom made wooden bathtub. 

The guest accommodation is equally generous meaning the WIDER 150 is as well suited for charter as for the owner’s friends; this consists of four en-suite cabins, 2 VIP’s and 2 standard, one of the latter also including a Pullman berth for a child. 

The WIDER 150 is built to comply with the latest standards (LY3) for crew. Four twin cabins, a sizeable cabin for the captain next to the wheelhouse, and an ample crew mess. A central corridor gives direct access to the engine room, located at the furthest point from the guest accommodation.

The WIDER 150 is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion system combined with Azimuthal pods. Four inline variable speed diesel generators, combined with the state-of-the-art WIDER power management system and the latest battery technology, serve the hotel and propulsion requirements of the vessel. This system reduces consumption while at the same time facilitating unprecedented range.

The traditional engine room has been replaced by two separate units; the Power Generator Room in the bow and a Technical Room with LiPo (Lithium polymer) battery pack in the stern. This leaves the heart of the vessel free for larger, more comfortable guest cabins located in the most stable part of the yacht.

The overall propulsion system is completely modular, so the WIDER 150 can cruise using only the battery packs, in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), or with up to four inline diesel generators. This means it can cruise at a higher range of speeds while continuing to enjoy limited specific fuel consumption.

All onboard energy sources are controlled by the WIDER Power Management System, a smart and fully integrated system which controls the power supplied by the shore connection, the gen-set and the battery packs, distributing it between the hotel requirements, the propulsion system and the recharging of batteries, as required. 

Our special partner in this project, and the supplier of our Power Management system, is the market-leading Emerson Industrial Automation. 

The WIDER 150 is equipped with an Azimuthal pod propulsion system which affords significant advantages compared to conventional shaft-line propulsion including increased reliability, fuel efficiency, greater range, shallow draft, lower noise and vibration, reduced maintenance and greater flexibility.

The diesel electric propulsion system is not new (the first ship fitted with this system was in 1903) and draws inspiration from thousands of military and commercial vessels that run using diesel electric power. The system has been refined over the last century to provide the most reliable and economic solution to many applications in the marine industry today. 

The WIDER Engineering team have sourced experienced and proven suppliers to apply diesel electric technology to the superyacht environment, where not only reliability and economy are called for, but also supreme comfort and convenience.

A range of 3,000nm is expected at a cruising speed of 13 knots, increasing to 4,200nm at the economical speed of 11 knots. The yacht has a maximum speed of 15 knots and can also run at 5 knots when solely using batteries in Zero Emission Mode.

The WIDER 150 – Project “GENESI” – is available for sale, priced at €26,000,000.