career-luxury-industryEstablishing a sustainable career in the luxury sector requires resolve. If you’ve got an eye for quality, great people skills and an appreciation of the finer things in life, there’s every chance you’ll hit the ground running. But breaking into this competitive sector requires a blend of vision and determination. So here are four hacks to help you carve out a career in the luxury sector.

Be bold

Sun Tzu said that “opportunities multiply as they are seized”. And few luxury magnates exemplify this maxim as potently as Sandals resorts boss Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart. In a nation where survival requires an entrepreneurial edge, Stewart might be the king of hustlers.

He’s been working since he was 12 years old and has since built an empire that has seen him dominate fields as diverse as air conditioning, luxury vehicles and air travel as well as high-end tourist resorts across the Caribbean region.

But his greatest qualities might be the boldness that has convinced collaborators to invest in his ventures and customers to trust that he’ll deliver on his promises.

And despite his $1 billion fortune, he’s remained down-to-earth and converses in his broad Jamaican accent to people from all walks of life.

So being bold like Butch definitely provides a competitive edge in the luxury sector.

Look after your team

In the past, ruthless single-mindedness was a prized quality for prospective entrepreneurs.

There’s nothing wrong with drive — but these days anyone from distance learners determinedly studying online degree courses to successful self-employed bosses will confirm that emotional intelligence is more important.

And Virgin boss Richard Branson agrees — emphasizing that what he values most in leaders is showing a genuine interest in, and duty of care towards, their teams.

If staff fulfillment is prioritized then excellent customer service follows, whereas staff members who feel undervalued are less inclined to go the extra mile.

So looking after your team once you gain a foothold in the luxury sector allows you to sustain success.

Use digital smarts to market luxury online

Some well-established luxury brands have been slow to adapt time-worn marketing techniques to the digital age.

But the digital strategies of luxury brands that succeed online harness all the tech tools and tricks available to remain relevant.

So if you’re au fait with digital marketing you can modernize your brand identity, implement the interactivity that online shoppers love and utilize social media platforms to expand your customer base.

So getting to grips with digital strategies might position you as the go to person for luxury brands struggling to make an impact online.

Carving out a career in the luxury sector isn’t simple — but these four hacks should help you get the step up you need to succeed.