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Fabulous Devon&Devon bathrooms at the Hotel Château Monfort of Milan.

Devon&Devon has put its unmistakable seal on the furnishings of the Hotel Château Monfort of Milan that spearheads the Planetaria hotel chain, working in cooperation with the FZI-Interior studio. A high prestige project that involved the Tuscan brand in the design and development of specifically tailored furnishings for the bathrooms of the suites, Spa area and standard rooms of the hotel.

This urban relais, a stone’s throw from the fashion quarter and Milan Cathedral, reinstates the original beauty of an elegant residential building designed in 1903 by Paolo Mezzanotte, the same architect as the Stock Exchange in Piazza Affari.

devon-devon-hotel-chateau-monfort-milan-8Sofia Gioia Vedani’s restructuring project of the building with the FZI-Interior studio casts off the typical austere, minimal style of Milanese elegance in favour of Neo-Romantic motifs that evoke the castles and courtyards of yesteryear, melding the historic, artistic value of the Liberty building with fantastic fairy-tale atmospheres.

Elisabetta Frazuoli – together with Francesca Fezzi (FZI-Interior Studio), curator of the Hotel restructuring program – describes the concept of the bathroom areas of Château Monfort as follows:

 “For the bathrooms, we needed something really particular; the bathroom must continue the story, in a continuous reference to the past, with absolute originally and comfort. The ceramic tiles of the Devon&Devon collections (Brick, Mosaic and Simply editor’s note) complied seamlessly with our project, blending perfectly with the nuances of the pastel shades of the suites. For most of the rooms, we have preferred to recall the classical bathroom of old Milan with tiles matching the mosaic in delicate shades, with meticulous attention to each minimum detail in order to combine functionality, beauty and comfort. Lastly, the impressive Boiseries (Lambris editor’s note) for the bathrooms of community areas welcome the guest wishing to discover the secrets of the Château”.

The Queen tub and Colette console have been chosen for the suites, while elegant marble consoles to an exclusive design have been preferred for the standard rooms. With this achievement Devon&Devon has participated in an exclusive project for Milan, dedicated to very high level hospitality, that provides a major contribution to development of the Contract segment.