NetJets helps create exclusive jet set holiday experiences that are perfect for a getaway

A jet set getaway by private jet may be a perfect choice for the upcoming holiday, allowing travelers to forget about flight schedules and enjoy a holiday tailored to their individual needs. NetJets can help create the opportunity to explore beautiful destinations not easily accessible by flying on commercial airlines. With NetJets, there are no security lines, lost luggage or delayed departures and arrivals.

For wonderful destinations such as the popular sea islands of Sanya, fairyland-like Jeju Island in Korea, and the Garden City of Singapore, NetJets’ private aviation services can bring you directly to an airport within a short drive of these destinations without the trouble of taking transit flight. NetJets also offers absolute privacy for travellers, family and guests, with the amenities and comforts you would expect from the world leader in private aviation.

“NetJets has a fleet of over 700 aircraft worldwide, and the company has been in business for more than 50 years,” said NetJets China Vice Chairman Eric Wong. “Safety, security and service are our top priorities at NetJets, and each of our customers and their guests can relax and feel confident they will arrive at the closest airport to their destination in an efficient and timely manner.”

NetJets partners with many leading resorts and hotel properties around the world and can help in arranging a vacation customized for our customers. Some key destinations might be:

Sanya, China: A place of interest for golfers, Sanya is better known as “Oriental Hawaii” with extraordinary seashore scenery attracting millions of travelers each year. Under a blue sky, an international top-notch seashore golf course with a boundless horizon offers the enjoyment of golf and other outdoor activities. For both body and soul, the exquisite Sanya Junlanchan SPA allows for full relaxation and a chance to listen to one’s inner voice in such a serene exclusive holiday village and health care yard, with a sort of reflection upon nature awakened and a sense of belonging aroused. From Sanya Phoenix Airport to the destination, it is only a 20 minute drive.

Hangzhou, China: With tree-lined paths around the crystal clear West Lake and the scents of the flowering trees in the air, Hangzhou remains an exclusive destination for travelers to explore the Zen sense of tranquility in such an out-of-the-way resort. In the vicinity of the “big seven” temples such as Lingyin Temple and Yongfu Temple, it is a site where people stop to burn incense to the Buddha.

Surrounded by the big seven temples, Amanfayun Hotel is a destination of long standing to explore tranquility and quiet as the air is teeming with the sense of Zen everywhere you turn. While engrossed in the beauty of natural scenes far away from the boisterous downtown, travelers have the privilege of experiencing the Amanfayun lifestyle of Fayun Village nestled in the tranquil valley – waking up early in the morning with birds singing amidst blossoming trees, visitors can enjoy the Amanfayun spa that allows them to run away from worldly weariness. It is about 50 minutes’ ride from Hangzhou Airport.

Tokyo, Japan: A metropolitan destination of tradition, innovation and fashion, Tokyo has some of the world’s best hotels and gorgeous luxury stores. Besides the Tokyo Tower, Shangri-la Hotel also allows people to overlook the breath-taking splendor of the city.

Travelers can enjoy the genuine Japanese hot spring in Hoshinoya or visit the resort area of Karuizawa, which lies in the forests in the valley. Immersed in the beauty of nature, they have a wonderful experience of tranquility and ease, forgetting all about boredom or weariness. The most convenient way is to arrive directly at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

Jeju Island, Korea: Close to the sea waves, white sand beaches, and scenic waterfall of the Heavenly Lake, Jeju Island is an ideal place to enjoy comfort and tranquility. Travelers can enjoy the remarkable coastal scenes and jade-like seawater while staying in PODO Hotel Pinx, join the Raon Private Club for an exciting horse-riding experience, come to the yacht club to experience a thrilling adventure on the sea and more.

Jeju Island is one of the rarest resorts for relaxation and rehabilitation – there are no visa requirements for Chinese nationals. The best choice is to fly directly to Jeju Island Airport.

Singapore: Better known as the Garden City, Singapore is a metropolitan city-state of fashion and art. It is also one of the top entertainment destinations in Asia, and a unique vacation resort for families. Leading luxury and fashion designers are gathered here, so it is shopping paradise for fashion followers. Located at Marina Bay, the Marina Bay Sands has the world’s highest swimming pool where travelers can overlook the booming city and experience ultimate luxury while swimming.

When dusk falls, the legendary bar Pangaea offers the privilege of night-time excitement and fun. Alternatively, travelers may choose to spend the night in the luxury casino of Marina Bay Sands enjoying all the fun and excitement. The most convenient way is to land directly at Singapore Changi Airport.

Da Nang, Vietnam: With a beach considered one of the best in the world, Da Nang abounds in cultural and natural resources and is a phenomenal resort for full relaxation. Nestled along the famed Son Tra Peninsula, Danang Sun Peninsula Resort overlooks white sand beaches where travelers are truly up close to nature with mirage-like sunrises and sunsets on the sea.

In the French-style La Maison 1888 with three-star chef Michel Roux, travelers will enjoy a really different dining experience. With blue skies, blue seas and splendid scenery, Da Nang Country Club offers traditional styles of Vietnam. The best choice is to arrive directly at Da Nang Airport.