For many the idea of superyacht life means stretching out on sunlit decks with a mimosa in hand. It means sailing the blue breath of the French Riviera, soaking up barefoot luxury in the calm of the Caribbean and sighing in delight at sunsets full of swagger.

Yet some superyacht owners may seek a little more excitement across the seas. They may dream of rare and spectacular sights, cultural chaos, and worlds of ice and fire and adventure. The beauty of owning a superyacht is that the world becomes your oyster and these unique superyacht destinations will leave intrepid travelers breathless…

Aland Archipelago, Finland

The deserted Baltic coast remains wild and untouched, with diamond clear waters and scattered islands marked by tiny towns and cycling paths. The beaches boast pure white sand and the air is so clean it almost hurts to breathe. Take a kayak out to explore the islands, step onshore and spend a night or two beside a roaring fire in a log cabin, and sink down in woodland saunas in this pristine paradise free from the crowds.

Papua New Guinea

They call it the final frontier of travel, and this land of exotic tribes and turbulent history is not for the faint of heart. A luxury yacht charter to PNG will deliver you to a world of wild mountains, dark and dense jungles containing hidden secrets, and ancient tribal culture and customs that are sure to fascinate. Snorkel some of the brightest reefs in the world, partake in tribal feasts with the villagers, and feel your heart skip a beat on the churning whitewater of the Watut River. This is a superyacht destination that few will have explored before.


Journey to the ends of the earth with a superyacht charter to Antarctica. Not every boat can traverse these icy waters but for those that make it through the glacial cracks – a world of extreme wonder awaits. Those who can board an explorer yacht can spend days circling beneath a flooded starlit sky, passing mountains carved from ice, silently creeping through iceberg alley, and seeing not a soul in sight other than the fan of a whale’s tail.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Hailed as one of the new seven wonders of the world, Komodo Island is a sight to behold. The cobalt blue waters contrast starkly with the russet red tones of the scorched landscape. Giant lizards scuttle into the shade and remote fishing villages boast chickens and children and not much else. You feel so far from the beaten track as you swim with manta rays, hike the Jurassic park like hills, and study the dragons that give the island its evocative fairytale name.

Madagascar, Africa

For seventy million years, strange and wonderful creatures have flourished beneath the lush canopy of Madagascar. Baobab trees dot the landscape, Exotic feathered birds sing in the forest, and humpback whales make their great migration across the waters. Few superyachts make their way to these warm waters and white sand beaches, but those who do will fall in love at first sight. On Nosy Be island the surrounding archipelago offers amazing diving. Nature lovers will have their fill in Madagascar and those who want a superyacht adventure that is more than cocktails in the sun will be smitten.

More Luxury Travel Ideas

For those who are tired of the same old ports of call, the world is strewn with exciting destinations for superyacht owners who dare to dream.