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Today, luxury businesses are confronted with completely new concerns: environmental, moral, managerial…? So numerous problems which unfortunately call into question the standard rules of luxury. We live in unique times for today’s luxury battlefield. Will this indicate the end of a period? A brand new age?

Brand new global players show up carving off strategic sectors of the luxury market. Finally, absolutely nothing is different. Luxury customers are constantly challenging; however they continue to be people having principles and opinions which luxury businesses would certainly attempt to evaluate and predict.

The digital conversion process has actually played an essential role in the development of the luxury market. New businesses rapidly adapted although more conventional ones were left out, reduced to standing in the background. However the “luxury culture”, the French “folie” and the return to fundamentals which specifically we desire, tend to be simply as much expressions as they’re potential suggestions for any “luxury consumer”.

Even so, technology shouldn’t be the ultimate target. The concept of experience is extremely important.

Salon du Luxe Paris questions the traditional codes of the luxury

Introduced in 2015 , the Salon du Luxe Paris 2016 will be taking place on the 6th and 7th of July, 2016 at the Maison de la Chimie, Paris.

This is a leading French B2B event that provides a distinctive experience for decision companies. For a couple of days, the Salon du Luxe Paris definitely will examine the most significant luxury trends of the future, gather together national and international market leaders to expand understanding of essential subject areas, develop revolutionary answers to major concerns and offer new possibilities for business.

The ultimate objectives: to astonish the customer, to change the principles and constantly to invite to aspire… It’s simply because the luxury market is in constant progress that the traditional players of the luxury world can’t just sleep on their laurels.

The conference includes of an on-stage programme of business speakers plus an awesome chance for networking with many other decision makers, a closing night stuffed with surprises and 750m2 of exhibition area to explore the luxury tendencies of the future.

Foundation of the luxury environment, the Salon du Luxe Paris represents the starting of the summer vacation and provides the pace of the next season. The Salon du Luxe is host to incubation, where new synergies are built throughout all of the luxury sectors.

The event has a global ambition. However, the team at the Salon du Luxe Paris recognizes the significance of its French roots, and are dedicated to them. The Salon du Luxe Paris stands out as the only qualified event, in French, and completely translated into English. It contributes to the impact of French- style luxury and takes part in the propagation of French know-how.

As a result, The Salon du Luxe endorses the “Pépites du luxe”, new and revolutionary start-ups, as well as the creative craftsmen who embody the authentic luxury. It is becoming the privileged partner of the new French luxury players.

The Salon du Luxe is really a place of wonderful experiences, leisure and boldness. It offers participants a privileged and unique atmosphere to share and discuss. The five senses are constantly called upon. The gustative findings and artistic happenings will punctuate the two days of the Salon.

5 Reasons for taking part in the Salon du Luxe Paris 2016

  1. To become a strategic competitor in the future of the luxury and also have an advantage of tomorrow’s agenda.
  2. To join two days of discussions before the summer holiday as well as becoming a member of a high-business community.
  3. To share with all the players of the luxury industry and with strategic groups in an exclusive group.
  4. To recognize the « Pepites du Luxe » and future business partners
  5. To become a trend-setter, a visionary, influential player

Throughout the first edition of the Salon du Luxe in 2015, 70 speakers symbolizing different luxury sectors were present. The very best of the contributors were each revealed through intense debates. This year, the Salon du Luxe Paris unveils 30 brand new speakers.


Wednesday July 6th

8h00 – Opening of the Salon du luxe Paris

9h00 – Opening ceremony and meeting with the salon du luxe 2016 Godfather

9h45 – Review of luxury over the last 12 months

10h15 – How to reinforce the desirability of Paris ?

11h15 – Break and networking sessions

12h15 – Luxury : back to the essence of life

13h15 – Lunch et networking sessions

14h45 – Retail trends : to the future and beyond

15h30 – In progress

16h00 – Break and networking sessions

17h15 – Journeying to the postdigital luxury

18h15 – Encounter with the most surprising Startups of luxury

18h45 – In progress

19h00 – End of the conferences

Thursday July 7th

8h00 – Opening of the second day of the Salon du luxe paris

9h15 – Opening ceremony of the second day of the Salon du Luxe

9h45 – Positive leaders : the new forms of management

10h30 – Ethical luxury, more than a simple trend

11h00 – Do luxury brands still exist nowadays ?

11h15 – Break and networking sessions

12h45 – Encounter with a guru

13h15 – Lunch and networking sessions

14h45 – Design trends and architecture

15h30 – Communication channels

16h00 – Break and networking sessions

17h15 – In progress

18h00 – In progress

19h00 – End of the conferences and launching of the closing night