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Among the gloom that’s found across large sectors of the US real estate industry, the Texan city of Houston stands out as a market that keeps sailing steadily onward, seemingly immune to economic troubles, little hindered by even the difficulties that have hit the local oil industry over the last decade.

Houston’s real estate market shows signs of health across all levels, and while single-family homes in the moderate to medium price range are showing the strongest sales growth, with volume growing by close to 10% over the last 12 months, the top end of the market is also showing high resilience. While across much of the country luxury real estate is struggling for sales, in Houston, development remains robust without excessive scarcity driving up prices.

The Upper Kirby district in particular is seeing sustained growth, and is becoming one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. A once-forgotten area, redevelopment over recent years has transformed it into a thriving, energetic multi-use area with an exciting combination of high-end residential real estate, excellent shopping, and a wide range of well-regarded dining and other entertainment venues.

It is in the Upper Kirby district that an intriguing collaboration will see the construction of a new luxury apartment block, combining exclusive comfort with a clear seasoning of Italian flair. Texan architects Mirador, property consultancy Sudhoff Company, and retail partners Internum have joined forces with furnishing design icons Giorgetti to bring a unique development to the Houston real estate market.

Giorgetti is lending the style and sophistication of its ‘Made in Italy’ brand to the project, basing much of the design on their trademark use of woods, metal, marble, leather and fabrics to create attractive contrasts with a modern feel, while staying focused on practicality and the ways that attention to detail can enhance quality of life.

Behind the impressive facade, which takes its inspiration from Giorgetti’s Massimo Castagna-designed Origami cabinet, will lie 32 luxury apartments set over seven floors. Each spacious home will include open air sections, including cooking areas, to fully enjoy the year-round warmth of Houston, while the attic apartments will also feature a 200 square meter terrace.

Each apartment will be fully wired for home audio and video services, and will feature advanced security systems, along with the climate control that’s so essential in the summer months. Optionally, full furnishings and fittings can be provided, with the high standards to be expected from the Made in Italy brand. Residents will also enjoy the use of a garage, a fitness center, and 24-hour reception service.

The project’s commitment to the interplay of aesthetics, luxury, and daily comfort is evident from the moment the building is entered. Visitors will be greeted with an elegant entrance hall, designed in the best Made in Italy tradition of understated minimalist chic, and fully furnished with items from the Giorgetti collection. Again, the use of metals, stone, and fabrics creates a space full of contrasts, which inspires without overwhelming with intricacy, and gives a clear indication of the prestigious, luxury nature of the apartments within.

Prices will range from $1.4m for a standard apartment up to $3m for one of the four penthouses, a tempting deal for this level of luxury in a thriving part of town, but also an apparently solid investment opportunity considering the Houston real estate market’s continued vigorous performance.