Europe’s best luxury ‘glamping’ experiences

Think of me what you like, but I for one am not a fan of camping. I don’t like bugs, a lack of hot shower, the low levels of comfort and the joy of waking up with cold toes at every hour throughout the night.

So, when the world of glamping began to boom, it’s fair to say that I was all of a sudden a very happy camper. Being amongst the great outdoors is a fantastic thing, but there’s no reason why you should wave goodbye to your creature comforts and not do it in style.

Here are some of the best luxury campings in Europe to camp outdoors amid luxury and privacy in an almost hotel-like scenario.

Eco Luxury Yurt Suit, Lanzarote

Enjoy Lanzarote’s sunny climate from the comfort of a luxurious 8 metre yurt designed to deliver on space, comfort and complete tranquillity for the guest.

Inside this authentic Mongolian yurt, which measures 8m in diameter, special touches include plush fabrics, wood-style flooring and handpicked antique Mongolian hardwood furniture such as the super king-size bed.

From the super king-size bed to the heart-warmingly soft linen, the glamour is brought to this camping experience in serious style with traditional Mongolian design throughout.

The bathroom doesn’t skimp on home comforts either, with an expansive wooden tub, walk-in shower and feature marble floor and sink all at hand. You’ll have access to your own walled terrace complete with sun loungers, BBQ and a granite-topped breakfast bar to soak up the sun from which you can enjoy the far reaching views of the eco resort. This is the ideal spot to engage in a night of star gazing.

eco-luxury-yurt-super-kingsize-bedMongolian Yurts, Rochers-de-Naye, Switzerland

Seven white Mongolian yurts stand tall at an elevation of 2,000 metres overlooking spectacular Alpine scenery. You needn’t give up those home comforts for a taste of the outdoor lifestyle either, as these traditionally crafted yurts come with everything you could ever need. The yurts offer accommodation all year round. Up to eight persons can sleep in each yurt.

Fully insulated for cosy nights under the Swiss sky, they are the ideal destination to get away from the worries of life all year round. Enjoy an exquisite alpine meal served in your yurt or at the nearby Alpin Restaurant.

On the Rochers-de-Naye you can experience romantic sunsets in a unique ambiance with views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps.

This is a unique experience that will literally leave you feeling on top of the world.

mongolian-yurts-rochers-de-naye,Oak Safari Tent, Rutland, UK

On paper a tent doesn’t sound particularly appealing, however, this isn’t just any tent. This is a tent enriched with the luxuries of life and it’s all about being eco-friendly.

The beautifully appointed large luxurious canvas lodges ‘Oak’ & ‘Ash’ are set in a 20 acre private woodland with far reaching views across a gem of a valley in the idyllic county of Rutland.

Getting in touch with nature is the name of the game here as your tent is perched on the brink of the wildlife pond, where badgers, bats and barn owls lurk at night.

You’ve got your own farmhouse style kitchen, a solar powered fridge freezer, a plush leather sofa, a free standing bath and not to mention more books and games than any human could possibly handle in one weekend. This one feels just like home.

oak-safari-tentLe Camp, Midi-Pyrenees

Here you will discover the thrill and adventure of sleeping under canvas without the discomfort of traditional camping. Le Camp offers the luxury of a hotel and the self-sufficiency of a private villa.

Sleep under canvas without the overwhelming disappointment of a put-up tent. From the comfy beds to the snug chairs, everything is handmade and rustic in style. Nestled in the wooded hillside, the tents blend seamlessly with the environment, yet offer so much more than you’d ever expect from camping.

Each tent enjoys a private, elevated position from which to enjoy the rolling countryside. The tents are some of the largest we’ve seen, so grab some friends and head away from a weekend of laughter, fun and exploration.

le-camp-woodland-yurtHerbal Glamping Resort, Ljubno

Slovenia is a relatively unexplored country at the best of times, but its countryside is a whole new realm of untouched. This is a gem.

Live a story, where a luxurious and extravagant architecture has been carefully placed into a natural oasis of peace, laced with herbs on every step and surrounded by their aromas.

The resort has a strong focus on herbs. You will be offered herb workshops. You will wake up to the scent of herbs. You will fall asleep to the scent of herbs. You will dream about herbs. Herbs aside, you do also get to enjoy the privacy of your very own private Jacuzzi and exceptionally cosy, pine-centric safari tent that bares more resemblance to a luxury hotel room.