Nomadous – The World Through Design is a new furniture design brand with its roots in Portugal but assuming itself as a cosmopolitan nomad. Its team travels throughout the world getting inspiration in the most diverse elements and translating it into the most exclusive and innovating design pieces.

Nomadous gets its main inspiration from the experiences of every journey. Every culture, person, nature element or landmark its team gets in touch with, can be epitomized into an exclusive design piece. The inspiration is endless as it is the beauty of the world.

Nomadous is more than exclusive design pieces, it’s about reflecting feelings and sensations into timeless pieces that will evoke other feelings and sensations in the people that have the opportunity to get in touch with them.

nomadous-luxury-design-9Launched in 2016, the brand’s collection is composed by five distinguished designs. Manuel Sideboard is inspired by Portugal and its traditional “Calçada Portuguesa”; Lwazi Folding Screen comes from the Zulu Tribe in South Africa and is mainly inspired by the colorful clothes this ethnic group is known for.

Chloé Dining Table gets inspired by the CERN in Switzerland, its base’s has an outstanding interior that reflects in the glass top creating a colorful effect that will highlight any dining room decoration.

From Alberta, Canada was born Sophia Console getting its inspiration from the circular sculpture by artist John McEwen that can be found in downtown Calgary.

And finally, François Chest of Drawers gets its inspiration in the famous Pyramidal shape of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Every piece of Nomadous collection is handcrafted with the utmost attention to details and using rare and noble materials and finishes. The artisans are Portuguese, from families with generations of wood working mastery and it couldn’t be different since its founders are proud of their country and want to reflect into their brand the ancient wood working techniques the country is recognized for.

The founders are two young female entrepreneurs born and raised in Porto, Portugal: Liliana Silva and Marlene Alves. Both have a similar background in Business Sciences and had an interest in design since their teens.

After traveling together for several times and visiting as well some of the most famous interior design trade shows in the world they decided it was time to gather their passion for design and travel, creating a distinguished luxury furniture brand. And it was how Nomadous came to life.

Portugal’s luxury furniture industry has grown exponentially in a short period of time, having its youth assuming the strong cultural heritage the country has and translating it into the most varied art forms. As so, more and more Portuguese brands can be found in International interior design trade shows next to some of the industry’s big names. Nomadous is part of this wave of new designers and promises to be a reference in furniture design.

After Italian, German and Scandinavian design in the last decades, nowadays, Portugal is the country to look forward to when it comes to creativity!