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From local inspirations to pampering beauty treatments or a spiritual island experience, new multi-day Spa Journeys provide tailored rejuvenation for every spa-goer.

With a relaxation area that overlooks the picturesque bay of Petite Anse, the hilltop Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles instils a sense of tranquillity from point of arrival – an experience that awaits all guests of the Resort’s new tailored Spa Journeys.

Offering customised relaxation, the new Spa Journeys combine wellness treatments, classes and rituals in carefully designed programs of complementary experiences from the hilltop Spa’s menu. By booking a Spa Journey, guests will be able to benefit from a minimum of a 10 percent savings and have complete flexibility on the scheduling of treatments, whether preferring to arrange a daily Spa session or combine treatments for days of complete rejuvenation.

The new Spa Journeys comprise:

Seychelles’ Favourites – Blends of local herbs and spices soothe the senses as traditional healing techniques harmonise with the peaceful beauty of the Spa’s exotic surroundings.

  • Treatments included: Coco de Mer Ritual (It begins with an invigorating passion fruit and Coco de Mer body scrub and a nourishing heart of palm and caviar body wrap. A massage with rich Coco de Mer whipped massage cream follows, before a relaxing floral bath with cinnamon, honey and coconut milk, complemented by beautiful bay views and a refreshing coconilla drink. A final application of passion fruit and Coco de Mer body lotion leaves the skin luminescent and soft), Mahe Massage, Hilltop Fusion Massage and Rainforest Facial. A tribute to the many tales of love that the Coco de Mer has inspired throughout the ages, this sumptuous ritual encourages us to love ourselves.

Ocean Connection – Hydrate, purify and refresh in this serene combination of water-inspired wellness experiences.

  • Treatments included: Private Yoga at the beach, Detoxifying Marine Wrap, Shell Serenity Massage (Combining techniques from Europe and Asia and applied with medium to firm pressure, this unique massage eases muscular tension and induces a deep sense of well-being) and Marine Mineral Facial.

Spiritual Journey – An awakening of inner energy through the balancing of chakras and a restorative connection with nature.

  • Treatments included: Private Mountain Meditation, Private Yoga in Foumba (the ruins of an historic Creole house), Bio Energy Mud Wrap, Kundalini Massage, Ananda Facial, ILA Night Spa and In Villa Bath Ritual (Extend your spa indulgence by adding a bath ritual to the end of any spa experience. Soak in an oversized tub filled with flowers, cinnamon leaves and orange slices – alone or with a loved one after a shared treatment. As shades of red and orange streak the evening sky, savour the soaring views of Petite Anse bay and enjoy an uninterrupted escape).

Grace and Beauty – Blissful pampering eases the body into relaxation, while the hair, skin and nails are nurtured by expert therapists.

  • Treatments included: Ultimate Anti-Ageing Samadara Facial (The Samadara ultimate age-defying facial uses a sequence of timeless, anti-ageing techniques rooted in Ayurvedic healing traditions that are designed to reawaken the skin’s natural healing energies. Turn back the hands of time and transform your skin with this intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment with Rose Quartz Crystal massage), Refining Body Toner, Signature Earth Massage, Coconut Oil Hair Treatment, Manicure and Pedicure

For Lovers – Share in unifying relaxation in the most beautiful of settings.

  • Treatments included: Blissful Connection (This nurturing ritual for couples focuses on the sacral, heart and crown chakras and involves a combination of exquisite essential oils: jasmine to stimulate the flow of love, rose to promote deep love and orange blossom to uplift the soul with higher energy. Side by side, couples receive a full-body scrub, a romantic bath, chakra-healing techniques and body and facial marma massage to open the energy fields and harmonise mind, body and spirit), Romantic Massage under the Stars, In Villa Bath Ritual