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Eglidesign furniture and interior design studio says that their furniture should be treated as art work in the interior, and calls them “sculptures with a function”.

Luxury furniture manufacturers note that sometimes people are even afraid to touch the exhibited furniture to check their functionality, thus recognizing their artistry. This creative concept fascinated the experts at the Maison & Objet furniture and interior exhibition in Paris. From the very first day of the event the artists were showered with invitations to other international design exhibitions and the Mecca of the global interior – Salone del Mobile exhibition in Milan.

Immediately after the Maison & Objet exhibition, the representatives of the Daily Design News portal elected Eglidesign as one of the Top 8 best Brands this Year.

Modern furniture and its function in the interior

Modern furniture should be comfortable, functional, without overloading the space, and almost invisible. Eglidesgin furniture is kind of different. It is an element of the interior, like paintings reflecting the character of the interior and a personality living in it. Interiors will eventually become completely minimalist and will be complemented with highly impressive details, works of art or equivalent furniture, revealing the traits of a host and his attitude to life. The interior has become a way of self-expression.

Furniture created for the interior is a separate work of art

Eglidesign latest collection of furniture is designed as exceptional and individual works of art. Furniture is like sculpture, reflecting us and the world around us. It, like other works of art, is looking for owners, to be close to their heart.

Continuing trend in furniture are top quality, natural materials

This furniture is created only from natural materials. The manufacturers use exotic shell, or clam shell, or abundant inlays. There is also plenty of carving elements. Many different materials are combined in one piece of furniture: leather, stone, metal, Bohemian glass, or ceramics.

Eglidesign furniture looks like a huge sculpture in the interior. In exhibitions, people often are afraid to touch them, to check out their specific functions, just politely ask to show and explain. This is the appreciation, and in the future this furniture like any other creative works will certainly be in high demand.

For what personalities this style is designed?

A modern, ambitious person, without pressing himself into any rigorous framework and not afraid to take risks. Loving to be noticed and appreciated, therefore, choosing a piece of furniture worthy of himself and his creative home. This is a person in need of a piece of furniture with not only a direct function but also a history, provoking emotion, and radiating mood.

What kind of furniture and interior trends will dominate in the future?

Interiors will become more individual, and reflecting the times and fashions, immersed in the arts. Major customers such as hotels, banks are less willing to adapt to norms and standards, and increasingly appreciate uniqueness and creativity.

As for this year’s trends, their outstanding feature is that at present, all trends are intertwined. The retro style, the 7th-8th decades still firmly stay on the podium; another trend gaining popularity is the space theme, and there is an abundance of synthetic colours: pink, purple, acrid green – never seen before. Unconventional shapes of furniture move away from a strict cube and gain ground in interiors. The contemporary interior is affected significantly by the lighting technology developments, affecting all areas of development – the interior design and furniture being no exception.

Future interiors certainly are not going to follow rules or canons. We can easily imagine interiors where the floor may be made of concrete and ceiling decorated with wooden panels. Or floor-integrated lighting, creating a pattern of light on the ceiling.