Natevo design illuminates and decorates.

Natevo, a spin-off brand from Flou, is founded on the idea that the development of LED light sources has been responsible for the revolution of how and where light can be exploited. Trends led to research into light that is more suggestive and emotional than the eff ects created by light emitted from traditional sources, and the spill-over extends into interior design, architecture, furnishing, urban illumination.

In 1978, Flou revolutionized the way we sleep with its original modern textile bed; now with Natevo, it is the first Italian company to produce a complete furniture collection with integrated LED lights that autonomously illuminate the environment.

This collection was enthusiastically designed by Italian and international creatives; the pieces have been devised for modern and classical ambiences, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, SPA centers and public amenities in general. However, they have
added value in that they save energy and fully respect the criteria of environmental sustainability.

Toner Architects Design revisits the classical style

The Kara Collection illustrates the ambiences that have been furnished with Natevo articles, designed by  Toner Architects.

Studio Toner Architects, a pool of professionals with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, enjoys international acclaim for its special ability to split space and the skilful use of light as an art form.

The style is expressed through a modern revisitation of the classical and the skilful use of fine timber and precious materials to furnish restaurants, residential properties, Spa centers, boutiques and luxury hotels.

They have created an enchanting lounge area and relaxing sleeping quarters thanks to the luxurious materials used (golden Calacatta marble, ebony, velvets, bronzed finishes) and the balanced, diffused light emitted from the tables, bookcases, chairs, bar furniture, vanity unit,cupboard, bed and matching nightstands.


600X600The impeccable esthetics of the bookcase Kara are enhanced with the intensity of the ebony hardwood, the elegance of the finishes and the luxury of the leather that embellishes the shelves and the backrests. The LED backlights allow this piece to display and exalt collectables, small sculptures, vases and valuable books.

A living room of inimitable class can be matched with the luxurious dining table Kara. Its delightful base in ebony supports the top-end luxury top in golden marble.


The LED light fittings are strategically positioned under the golden ‘Calacatta’ marble, transforming this ample coffee table into a highly-suggestive piece of furniture.



The components have different dimensions, they light up, they swivel: this make-up table allow the results to be admired from every angle and was specifically designed for ladies. The gentle curves of this piece are enhanced by the delightful combinations of precious materials.