In 1902, Helena Rubinstein revolutionized the world of cosmetics with her new personalized and innovative beauty regime. Her name was Helena Rubinstein. Fascinated by the beauty and the power that it gives to women, she approached the greatest scientists of her time to better understand and respect the skin: skin type classification (1910), first moisturizing, anti-acne and sun care… she offered women the first waterproof mascara (1938) and the first modern mascara (1958).

True to this heritage, the brand continues to expand into new territories, drawing on the most advanced research areas: first treatment with vitamin C in 1995, the first pure retinol anti-aging cream in 1999, the first plant stem cells in 2009 with Powercell, No. 1 high-end serum in Japan.

In 2008, Helena Rubinstein started a new adventure in the world of anti-aging creams with a partnership with Laclinic Montreux and its founder, Dr. Pfulg, an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon. The result of this collaboration: Re-Plasty, the first line of instant-effect cosmetic intervention cream.

The cream-of-the-crop boasts a luxuriously rich texture and an addictive scent in a bottle that is fit to be a work of art. All of this and ultra-premium personalized cream too. So that women can take control of their lives.

Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day, the first cream to have a bandage-like texture and a cocooning, restorative effect, is born from the partnership between Helena Rubinstein and Laclinic-Montreux.

Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day creates a protective barrier which blends into the skin giving a sensation of freshness while protecting the skin from dryness and combating the signs of aging.

From the very first application, the skin is instantly soothed and feels more comfortable. It is nourished, moisturised and more radiant. The skin’s natural barrier is restored.

Day after day, the skin is strengthened, sensations of tightness disappear, lines are smoothed away and age-related damage is corrected. The skin is protected against external aggressions and looks visibly younger.

You should apply every evening to perfectly cleansed skin. Each morning, apply Re-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY DAY CREAM to the face, neck and décolleté (avoiding the eye contour).

Starting with a rich and nourishing sensation, the cream breaks into a fresh and hydrating film. Finally it forms a cosmetic mesh that fuses into the skin with a soft brightening smoothing comfortable finish.