Ditre Italia continues its interpretation of contemporary homes with its exploration of the living area. Following on from the 2015/2016 living collection, the company is launching a stylish collection of beds: The Newbeds 2016.

To mark its 40th anniversary in the business, and in the run-up to the Salone del Mobile, Ditre Italia once again shows its vocation for innovation and research by launching a new bed collection that widens and completes its range, designed to offer customers products to complement the living space.

The new catalogue, The Newbeds 2016, interprets the bedroom as a private, cosy space and promotes a very precise vision of a silent retreat, dedicated to those who love a more understated and informal lifestyle.

Ditre Italia is presenting an articulate bed collection whose shapes and materials have been specially studied to create a warm, welcoming environment and promote a deep sense of wellbeing, delivering all-round solutions to the needs of contemporary living.

The new products for 2016 are: Kanaha, Monolith and Grandangolo, the work of architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri; Dunn, Ecléctico and Sanders by Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto. Design beds that become the stylish focal point of the bedroom, appealing to our senses and offering us tailor-made comfort.

Furthermore, thanks to the vast selection of coordinating accessories and cabinets, even the room which is a sanctuary for relaxation, can be turned into a domestic workstation to read, watch the television and use the computer.

The new Ditre Italia beds are one-of-a-kind, standing out for their bespoke tailored workmanship and the thoughtful matching of materials, fabrics and hides. Form and function achieve the perfect balance in The Newbeds 2016 collection, offering maximum personalisation and a good night’s sleep, reflecting the taste and health of the people who choose them and experience them every day.


Designer: Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Elegance and design: these are the key words that define the Kanaha bed by architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri. The slim structure, which almost vanishes into thin air due to the lack of important thicknesses, blends in seamlessly with the padded headboard with its generous cushions, giving the bedroom a pleasant feeling of lightness.

The technical precision of the production process is clear to see in the headboard/bedstead perimeter, an example of tailored quality and meticulous attention to detail. The metal feet accentuate the airy appeal of the whole bed which, light as a feather, almost floats in a night of style and silence.


Designers: Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto


The Sanders living project has been extended to the bedroom, with a product that puts a new spin on the design by Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto. Sanders is an “upholstered” bed with soft lines that offers a vast selection of upholstery solutions, creating highly original colour and material combinations.

The zip fastener, the distinguishing feature of the Sanders design, marks the boundary between the different fabrics but also unites the generous upholstered headboard and the solid, padded bed frame positioned close to the ground.