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Luxury design company Brikk released diamond-encrusted Apple Watches.

Brikk, the same company who brought you the gold iPhone 6, is offering their new collection of 30 luxury models of the upcoming Apple Watch, which will afford unmatched opulence to an exclusive clientele worldwide.

The Lux Watch by Brikk is their version of the higly anticipated and game changing Apple Watch. Modifications include the setting of perfect diamonds and plating in yellow gold, pink gold or platinium.

The Lux Watch is available in two sizes, a 38mm face and a 42mm face. You can chose between 18K yellow gold, 18K pink gold and 950 platinum.

The Lux Watch by Brikk is available in three versions: Standard, Deluxe, and The Lux Watch Omni.

The Lux Watch Deluxe has 2.3 carats of diamonds in multiple rows around the face, diamond encrusted buttons, and a leather strap with diamond studded clasp.

For the ultimate in exclusivity, the Lux Watch Omni has a fully diamond-wrapped case and band of 12.3 carats of color DE, clarity WS diamonds. The price ranges from $110,000 to $115,000.

All models are packaged in a Zero Halliburton aluminum case with carbon fiber and leather interior, charging cable, charging connector, wall plug, user manual, certifacte of authenticity with embedded diamond and one year warranty by Brikk.