World Superyacht Awards honour the finest new superyacht builds delivered to their owners in the past twelve months. Among the industry’s most significant honours, prizes are chosen by jurors who visit each vessel and assess yachts in a variety of ways. This gallery shows the 2015 winners, named over the weekend at a gala in Amsterdam

In consultation with yacht builders and naval architects, Boat International established a number of yacht award categories so that yachts can be judged against other vessels of a similar size and type.

There are five awards for displacement motor yachts (those vessels that always displace their own weight of water), and four awards for semi-displacement motor yachts that at higher speeds displace less than their weight of water, operating in ‘planing’ mode. This distinction is made because these two types of yachts call for very different construction philosophies, the latter type being much more lightly-built.

Two further awards are reserved for sailing yachts, and one award for yachts that have been given major refits that finished in the qualifying year. Finally, there are two awards for the motor yacht and sailing yacht that are considered by the judges to be the most notable in the qualifying year.

Motor Yacht of the Year: Grace E

yacht-grace-eName: Grace E
Length: 73m
Builder: Picchiotti – Perini Navi Group
Naval Architect: Philippe Briand / Vitruvius Ltd
Exterior Styling: Philippe Briand / Vitruvius Ltd
Interior Design: Rémi Tessier Design

Grace E, the 73m Picchiotti branded motor yacht created by the Perini Navi Group, was crowned Motor Yacht of the Year at the 10th edition of the Boat International World Superyacht Awards on Saturday 9th May in Amsterdam.
The awards ceremony – known as the Oscars Night of the yachting world – recognized Grace E’s unique combination of distinctive lines, stunning Remi Tessier designed interiors, perfect execution of detail and outstanding quality.
The esteemed jury of passionate and experienced yacht owners has awarded Grace E with 2 awards:

  • Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT to 2,999GT of Below 75m, and the coveted
  • Motor Yacht of the Year – from among the 9 category winning Motor Yachts

Grace E, the 73m Picchiotti branded motor yacht created by the Perini Navi Group and presented in world premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show, has also received the Baccarat trophy for the Best Interior Design, a coveted recognition given to the best vessels on display at the Monaco Yaht Show. The awards was given at a ceremony held at the newly completed Yacht Club de Monaco.

Sailing Yacht of the Year: WinWin

baltic-win-win-sailing-yachtName: WinWin
Length: 33.0m
Builder: Baltic Yachts
Naval Architect: Javier Jaudenes
Exterior Styling: Javier Jaudenes
Interior Design: Design Unlimited

The recently delivered sailing yacht from Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts is the Baltic 108 WinWin. Measuring 33 metres in length, she features naval architecture and design by Javier Jaudenes and interior design by Mark Tucker and his team at Design Unlimited.

Baltic 108 WinWin had a sucessful evening at the World Superyacht Awards in Amsterdam winning both its class (sailing yachts below 40 m) and best sailing yacht overall. It’s the second year in a row that a Baltic has won both these prestigious awards.

Boat International’s press release commented:
After much consideration between Wisp and WinWin – the judges voted almost unanimously to select WinWin, a 33-metre yacht built by Baltic Yachts in Finland, as the winner of this prestigious award.

Built from pre-preg carbon fibre and boasting a remarkably light displacement of 77-tonnes, this lifting-keel yacht combines an attractive appearance with efficient yet extremely stylish on-deck working areas, a particularly agile performance, and a level of technology that allows the yacht to be readily manageable by a crew of four. In addition, she features super-comfortable living spaces styled in the modern idiom and a superb build quality. With exterior design from Javier Jaudenes and interior from Design Unlimited the jury selected WinWin as the most significant sailing vessel that had been delivered to it’s owner in the year 2014.

Baltic Yachts is today a well-known builder of high performance sailing boats that are exclusive, tailor-made dream yachts of high quality material. The company was founded in 1973 on the philosophy to build ‘lighter, stiffer and faster’ boats using new materials and technologies combined with a high degree of customisation. Baltic Yachts is considered as one of the leading hi-tech yard with a turnover of 38 m EUR and 220 employees.

This year Baltic Yachts is delivering one new build, a 115 footer, along with the re-launching of a Baltic 35 that has been in for a refit this winter. In production Baltic Yachts have a 130 and a 175 foot project alongside a 81 foot refit project.

Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT to 2,999GT of 75m and Above: Kismet

kismet-yachtName: Kismet
Length: 95.2m
Builder: Lürssen Yachts
Naval Architect: Lürssen Yachts
Exterior Styling: Espen Oeino International
Interior Design: Reymond Langton Design

Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT to 2,999GT of Below 75m: Grace E

grace-e-yacht-2Name: Grace E
Length: 73m
Builder: Picchiotti – Perini Navi Group
Naval Architect: Philippe Briand / Vitruvius Ltd
Exterior Styling: Philippe Briand / Vitruvius Ltd
Interior Design: Rémi Tessier Design

Displacement Motor Yacht of 500GT to 1,299GT: MySky

my-sky-heesen-yachtsName: MySky
Length: 51.1m
Builder: Heesen Yachts
Naval Architect: Van Oossanen – Heesen Yachts
Exterior Styling: Omega Architects
Interior Design: Erick van Egeraat

Award-winning luxury. The custom-built Heesen 51m steel displacement yacht is a combination of the award-winning Sky and an expanded heli-capable foredeck.

The four custom-built deck levels provide huge amounts of outside space custom-built. The large foredeck can be used as a heli-pad or an additional space for relaxing in privacy when the yacht is in port. The huge sundeck has a fully enclosed dining area with forward doors that open the entire space, forward and aft sunbathing areas and a large Jacuzzi.

The specially designed bulbous bow creates an contra-wave for smoother passage through the water. This results in a reduction in the power required to reach a given speed; less power requires less fuel.

According to Boat International, the judges had particularly noted the comments of the owner of MySky who explained how his philosophy and use of the yacht had influenced the style and layout designed by Frank Laupman of Omega Yachts. The yacht also introduced the work of interior designer Erick van Egeraat whose interior was greatly admired, as was the quality of all aspects of the Heesen Yacht’s construction and performance, including the stated range of 5,400 nautical miles at a cruise of 10 knots

Displacement Motor Yacht of Below 500GT of 44m and Above: Elena

elena-yacht-2Name: Elena
Length: 46.7m
Builder: Heesen Yachts
Naval Architect: Heesen Yachts
Exterior Styling: Omega Architects / Heesen Yachts
Interior Design: Omega Architects / Heesen Yachts

The yacht belongs to Heesen’s newly styled 47m class of steel-hulled displacement vessels that has already become an icon of classic contemporary design. With a massive range of 4,000nm at cruising speed, the precision-engineered round bilge hull and zero-speed stabilisers ensure safe and comfortable cruising in all sea conditions.

Her handsome exterior styling and Heesen’s hallmark ‘pelican’ bow is by Omega Architects, who also worked with the shipyard to create the timeless interior design. Fine silk, wool and linen textiles complement the warm walnut floor, oak walls and lacquered ceiling to create an ambience that exudes luxurious elegance.

Elena is one of the newly styled yachts in the award-winning 47-metre class, a breed of Heesen’s that are icons of classic contemporary yacht design. According to Boat International, the judges felt this yacht featured well balanced and extremely pleasant living areas, both on deck and inside, for the owner and his guests.

While the crew, for whom good living and service facilities ensure the proper running of a modern yacht, was equally well provided for. Particularly admired were the fully featured sundeck and the spacious master suite. It was the result of the secret ballot that determined the winner and this showed a clear preference for 46.7 metre Elena, which covered the widest range of judging parameters.

Displacement Motor Yacht of Below 500GT of 30m to 43.99m: Onika

Name: Onika
Length: 40.5m
Builder: Delta Marine
Naval Architect: Delta Design Group
Exterior Styling: Delta Design Group
Interior Design: Delta Design Group

Semi-displacement or Planing Two-deck Motor Yacht of 38m and Above: Como

como-yachtName: Como
Length: 46.2m
Builder: Feadship
Naval Architect: Dubois Naval Architects
Exterior Styling: Dubois Naval Architects
Interior Design: Redman Whitely Dixon

The yacht has unprecedentedly large windows in the hull and there is a great deal of glass in the superstructure: the latter is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous glass surface. These glazed side panels give spectacular uninterrupted views from the owner’s stateroom.

This prestigious prize follows hard on the heels of previous awards for Como, which included the Baccarat Super Yacht World Trophy for her owner Neville Crichton, two International Superyacht Design Awards, and no less than three ShowBoats Design Awards.

Feadship CEO Henk de Vries had this to say to the audience in Amsterdam: “Never before has Feadship received so many awards for a single yacht. We are always very proud when our efforts are recognised and awarded, but this is an amazing achievement on behalf of Como! It must have something to do with the winning spirit that resulted from Neville Crichton’s vision to combine the brilliance of Ed Dubois, RWD and Feadship. A bow to the judges and a big thank you to the owner.”

Semi-displacement or Planing Two-deck Motor Yacht of 30m to 37.99m: Nono

admiral-nono-yachtName: Nono
Length: 37.3m
Builder: Admiral – The Italian Sea Group
Naval Architect: Admiral – The Italian Sea Group
Exterior Styling: Luca Dini Design – Admiral Centro Stile
Interior Design: Arch. Gian Marco Campanino – Admiral Centro Stile

Semi-displacement or Planing Three-deck Motor Yacht of Above 40m: Polaris

polaris-yachtName: Polaris
Length: 49.0m
Builder: Rossinavi
Naval Architect: Arrabito Naval Architecture
Exterior Styling: Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design
Interior Design: Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design

Semi-displacement or Planing Three-deck Motor Yacht of 30m to 40m: So’Mar

tansu-so-mar-yacht-2Name: So’Mar
Length: 37.9m
Builder: Tansu Yachts
Naval Architect: Diana Yacht Design
Exterior Styling: Tansu Yachts
Interior Design: Tansu Yachts

Sailing Yacht of 45m and Above: Wisp

Name: Wisp
Length: 47.6m
Builder: Royal Huisman
Naval Architect: Hoek Design Naval Architects BV
Exterior Styling: Hoek Design Naval Architects BV
Interior Design: Rhoades Young Ltd

Wisp is a magnificent example of revivalist naval architecture by Hoek Design with interior architecture by Rhoades Young Design that fulfills her owner’s brief for a supremely comfortable cruising yacht that may also indulge in some ‘gentleman’s racing’.
According to the judges’ report: “…following the secret ballot it was Wisp that topped the points […].
The jury considered the sloop-rigged Wisp to be the epitome of the modern classic sailing yacht , with gorgeous lines, a beautiful exterior enhanced by perfectly proportioned deckhouses and an interior to match from Rhoades Young. In the judges’ view this yacht perfectly fitted the owner’s requirement for a world-cruising yacht that would be his family’s “home away from home with a decent turn of speed without sailing on the edge”, being capable of some “gentlement’s Corinthian racing”, her ability at which was demonstrated with a podium finish in this year’s Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta.”
Wisp also won during the Showboats Design Awards in February 2015. She was selected as winner in the following categories: 
  • Best Sailing Yacht over 40m Exterior Design & Styling 
  • Best Sailing Yacht over 40m Interior Design

Sailing Yacht of 30m to 44.99m: WinWin

Name: WinWin
Length: 33.0m
Builder: Baltic Yachts
Naval Architect: Javier Jaudenes
Exterior Styling: Javier Jaudenes
Interior Design: Design Unlimited

Refitted Yacht (tie for first place): Amore Mio 2 and Alumercia

Name: Amore Mio 2
Length: 52.0m
Original Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
Refit Yard: CPN
Naval Architect: Espen Oeino
Exterior Styling: Espen Oeino
Interior Design: FM Architettura d’Interni Design Studio

 alumercia-yachtName: Alumercia
Length: 37.9m
Original Builder: Heesen Yachts
Refit Yard: Borancili Marine .
Naval Architect: Vripack
Exterior Styling: Vripack
Interior Design: B.M.L

AlumerciA, 37.9-metre full-custom all-aluminium motoryacht was developed in close collaboration with Vripack and delivered in 2000. She was the first yacht to be fitted with a Schottel Azimuth twin propeller system. Her new owner completed an extensive refit supervised by Vripack at Borancili Marine.

Mark Cavendish Director Sales and Marketing comments: “We are extremely proud of this incredible achievement. The Neptune Trophy is the most prestigious accolade one can receive in our industry. Being awarded two of them is overwhelming. We are delighted that this recognition goes to our displacement yachts. As a world leader in aluminium yachts, we aspire to become one of the top steel displacement builders as well.
We are also very proud that AlumerciA, one of the most radical yachts in our fleet, has won the Best Refit Award – congratulations to her new owner and Vripack, as well as to the owners and designers of MySky and Elena!”

Rebuilt Yacht: Ancallia

ancallia-yachtName: Ancallia
Length: 45.8m
Original Builder: C. Van Lent & Zonen / Feadship
Refit Yard: Atlas Shipyard / Perama-Greece
Naval Architect: Navinco Ltd / George Tsokris
Exterior Styling: Michael Kirschstein / Dominic Skinner
Interior Design: Sibyl & Colefax / Michael Kirschstein

Quality & Value: Farfalla

farfalla-yachtName: Farfalla
Length: 31.8m
Builder: Southern Wind Shipyard
Naval Architect: Farr Yacht Design
Exterior Styling: Nauta Design
Interior Design: Nauta Design

Nominated in the 30m to 44.99m Sailing Yacht category, SW102 Farfalla best represents “an exclusive combination of high quality and good value, providing her owner with the opportunity to cruise the oceans in comfort and safety, as well as the possibility to participate in keenly contested racing”. And it was with this exact motivation that the 2015 World Superyacht Awards jury – made up of a panel of expert superyacht owners –, awarded Farfalla with this year’s prize for “QUALITY&VALUE”.

Legacy Award: Lord Irvine Laidlaw

lord-irvine-laidlaw-yacht-ownerVoyager’s Award: Arctic P