contemporary-homeForget about perfecting every square inch of your house and pestering builders with endless snagging lists.

If you really want your home to make interior design devotees jealous, then stop your fussing right now because an unfinished, ‘still under construction’ vibe is officially in. Irregular textured walls, exposed brickwork and pared back light fittings may sound more like features of an abandoned warehouse, but they’re also key details of 2017’s hottest industrial-style design trend.

So before you wallpaper over all its rough edges, show your new home some tough love and embrace this raw, minimalist chic look.

Here are five simple and effective ways to give every single room an industrial touch.

#1: contrast rough and smooth textures

To add some interest and boost the industrial feel of your home, clash several different rough and smooth textures in one room. Think raw woods or bricks, brushed cottons and woven rugs against polished steel fixtures and high-gloss finishes on surfaces. It may take a while to get right, but a balanced mix of natural and manmade materials will look effortlessly stylish.

#2: go for wood-effect flooring

Grey wood flooring works perfectly as part of an industrial design scheme but it’s expensive to buy. To save some money, source wood-effect vinyl instead. Style and colour options have improved drastically over the past few years, so as long as you go for quality when picking your supplier and a vinyl floor adhesive, your house will still end up feeling and looking the part. Plus, it can be fitted in every room, from the bathroom to the hallways.

#3: choose vintage bulbs and light fittings

Metallic light fixtures and exposed vintage bulbs are the easiest and simplest way to add an industrial edge to your home, especially if they’ve got a chic retro design. Hang polished copper lampshades and pewter spotlights from the ceiling, and brighten up dark corners with fun lightbulb fairy lights. Whatever colour scheme or size of room you’re working with, you’ll find lots of different options available online.

#4: fill the place with steel accents

In an ideal world, you’d nail the industrial interior design look by exposing the structural framework of your home, but don’t worry if that’s not an option. You can achieve a similar effect simply by filling every room with steel accents, including small things like picture frames, candlesticks and doorknobs.

#5: source furnishings secondhand

For a stylish industrial finish, only secondhand furniture will do, which means you won’t need to waste an entire Sunday trudging round IKEA to fully furnish your house. Instead, source vintage-style industrial metal shelving and coffee tables on sites like eBay, or save even more money by upcycling something yourself. Find some reclaimed wood and steel, be creative and make your own eye-catching pieces.