Perched on Koh Samui’s stunning north shore, Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa has unveiled a new collection of multi-generational experiences suited to all ages. Encompassing marine, wellness, culinary, culture and sports; each highlight the luxury island’s tropical environment and rich local culture and encourage guests to learn a new skill to take home.

Entertaining all ages and interests, Santiburi Beach Campus activities include a selection of marine sports which make the most the most of sun, sea and surf; as well as underwater wonders of diving or snorkeling the stunning coral reefs around Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao with qualified instructors.

Highlighting the delicious world of Thai cuisine, culinary activities allow food lovers to learn about essential Thai ingredients whilst visiting the resort’s onsite herb garden, as well as have the chance to prepare popular dishes themselves under the guidance of one of the resort’s chefs. Young chefs can also treat their family to a meal of simple yet flavorful Thai dishes they’ve prepared with the help of a professional chef.

Introducing Thailand’s traditional customs, guests can sign up to guided temple tours of Koh Samui including special monk blessings and the opportunity to participate in the age-old practice of giving alms to local Buddhist monks. While experiencing these rich traditions first-hand, guests can also learn more about the country’s most important festivals and ceremonies.

For active seekers, novice golfers can take lessons from a qualified instructor at Santiburi Country Club before heading out on the 18-hole course, while more experienced golfers can receive a personalized consultation from the Santiburi Swing Doctor. Back at the resort, tennis, beach volleyball and football are available along with daily fitness and wellness consultations. Other activities include yoga, aerobics, tennis and Muay Thai lessons.